Daydreams of sun, sand and sustainability

One day’s glorious sunshine in London and our daydreams have returned to sand underfoot, waves lapping nearby and a gentle breeze on still-wet skin. We began Sigh in 1998 with such visions in mind and, in truth, they haven’t changed much. Our clothes, however, have. They’re still minimal, still elegant and still designed to make people feel beautiful and happy. But we’re now designing them exclusively with certified organic materials.

Of course, our creating clothes that are perfect for travel and effortless beach-to-bar chic isn’t the only thing that’s remained constant. Our customers return to Sigh for bias-cut, easy-to-wear and easy-care garments that avoid the artificial and un-natural. Clothes that prove you can look and feel fantastic without destroying the planet. So, in a week where we’ve seen one of the world’s leading designers expressing disbelief at the fact that only 1% of clothing is recycled and the UK government has proposed a ban on cotton buds and plastic straws, it’s reassuring to know Sigh and the people who wear our clothes aren’t entirely out of step with the times.

We’ll be writing more in coming weeks and months about what we do, who we do it for and why we think it’s increasingly important to be as sustainable and healthy as possible. But for now, savour the fleeting appearance of blue skies, feel free to browse through our natural, sustainable dresses, tops and trousers, and see how our clothes are designed to help turn your daydreams into reality.