Style with a Conscience

Seek comfort in Sigh clothes quite literally, but also in the knowledge that what you’re wearing has met strict criteria by way of sustainability (environmental and social).

Through our suppliers, we have cotton muslin produced on a GOTS certified farm in India, and woven to our exact specification and preferred texture. Sourcing the perfect fabric was by no means an overnight success, it involved substantial investment of both time and resources but it has since become abundantly clear that in doing this the right way, there can be no shortcuts…


Quality control is something we take very seriously at Sigh; each piece undergoes thorough inspection by our staff at every single stage of production. It is very important to us that we remain directly involved in these processes, and ultimately, with the products we sell.

Working closely with our specialist London-based manufacturing unit, we produce all our clothing in natural undyed cotton using thread, labels and trimmings – all of which are GOTS certified organic…


…This is to facilitate what’s known as a garment dyeing process, a mode of production that allows greater flexibility and efficiency; we’re able to achieve the exact colours we want whilst minimising waste.

Sigh clothes are dyed carefully to meet requirements for colour accuracy, consistency, fastness and low level water consumption – and again; only GOTS certified organic ingredients are used.


All Sigh clothing is packaged in appropriately sized, recycled cardboard boxes – without the use of any plastic whatsoever. We’re often complimented on our minimal, yet thoughtful, fulfilment process.

GOTS certification

Want to read more about GOTS? Here’s the link to their website: