Why isn’t your favourite brand organic?

What’s Sigh about?

We met at our usual spot – an Indonesian restaurant by Portobello market – one relaxed Sunday afternoon. From the table by the window there’s a decent view of the vintage section beneath the canopy and, at that time of day, we could see stall holders packing up their businesses for the weekend. It wasn’t that long ago that we’d have been doing the same. But our market stall days were over – it’s warmer inside, anyway… and easier to think. So there we sat, contemplating where Sigh was headed next.

Much of our contemplation centred around that one question – what’s Sigh about?

Well, in the simplest possible terms, Sigh is urban beach chic.

Establishing a brand purely in terms of style, especially in the fashion industry, makes sense. There are so many companies out there – all saying the same sort of thing, and offering the same sort of clothes – that finding a niche and becoming fluent in that language seems to be the only way to create anything unique and individual. But we needed something more than that. Something substantial.

So, substantially then, what’s Sigh about?

Quite suddenly, and without any great effort, the answer became glaringly obvious: natural elegance. Sigh centres around ideas of natural elegance.

The thing is, we can talk all day about something looking natural and feeling natural. But is it really natural? Technically everything is natural – all things, however they’re made, are at least combinations of smaller things that occur in nature. We can see you rolling your eyes! Come on then, what’s the problem? Is it that by natural what you actually mean is organic? And, if so, then why isn’t your favourite brand organic?

We’d like to tell you that right there and then, in our local (non-organic!) curry-house, we decided to take the plunge. Truthfully, it took us a few weeks to commit. We actually squabbled about this the other day; would Sigh have found that new lease of life if not for our success in sourcing the right organic materials? On balance, probably yes. There’s enough change happening in the way we run our business, in terms of ethics and sustainability, for us to be very excited about the future. And we can definitely feel the excitement! But, for so many different reasons, it just felt essential that we start designing with organic materials.

We can’t yet pledge to be carbon neutral as individuals, let alone as a company. And we haven’t been able to render plastics redundant at Sigh. Yet. Nor do we want to get all preachy and sanctimonious. We know how hard it is to achieve the existence you dream of even without the challenges that accompany living more naturally. But, we decided that Sunday afternoon, those are challenges we want to accept. Sigh is still urban beach chic. But it’s organic, natural and sustainable beach chic. Why? And is there a good reason for other clothing brands not taking the organic route? We’ll come back to that in our next post!