Winter Sun

As bittersweet September sunshine succumbs to ever-shortening autumn afternoons, how does one get through winter’s monochrome days?

Book a winter getaway, of course!

And pack in accordance with the rules of golden climates: a knockout 24/7 dress, a striking bikini, flat sandals and a joyful pair of earrings.

When choosing the perfect out-of-the-suitcase dress that can be worn in almost every holiday situation, Sigh London produces classic styles with a strong, original design ethos (we’d like to think that our clientele avoids being too generic with their summer wardrobe).

Our strong colours really come to life in sun-filled locations.

The styling tends towards minimalist and is easy and natural – stunning on the beach slung on over a bikini and effortlessly accessorised into dramatic summer evening-wear.

Sigh London’s clothes take their shape from the wearer; bias-cut organic cotton hanging against the body to give a flattering silhouette, effectively slightly fitted but without being in anyway tight.

These 100% organic clothes take up hardly any space in the suitcase, wash and rinse out easily, dry in no time and don’t need to be ironed (though they can be and are completely machine-washable).

Remember to avoid taking too much when packing for a winter holiday. Why waste time packing and unpacking when you could already be relaxing and soaking up that precious sun?

And try rolling up your clothes! You’ll be surprised how much less room it takes.